At IFAB Corp., we stand as a beacon of innovation in the realm of metal fabrication. Our team of skilled artisans and cutting-edge technology combine seamlessly to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship. From intricate designs to large-scale projects, we possess the expertise to shape metal into works of art that surpass expectations. Our commitment to precision, quality, and timely delivery ensures your vision is transformed into reality. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, we collaborate closely with you, tailoring our services to your unique requirements.
At IFAB Corp., we not only fabricate metal; we craft solutions that elevate industries and exceed aspirations. Your success is our motivation, and we take pride in providing a service that goes beyond excellence.
Learn about our capabilities and services:

press brake

6’-14’ automated systems
Equipped with cutting-edge 6’-14’ automated systems and boasting an impressive fleet of 24 in-house press brakes, we’re prepared to handle projects of any scale with unwavering accuracy
Presses in-house


60-2000 tons / automatic coil & tandem feed robotic arm automation
With an impressive range of 60-2000 tons capacity and a formidable fleet of 45 stamping presses at your service, our adept team harnesses the force of these robust machines to create intricate patterns, complex shapes, and flawless designs, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations.
Stamping Presses

laser cutting

5 axis lasers • fiber optic technology
Armed with cutting-edge technology, including advanced 5 axis lasers and the efficiency of fiber optic technology, we deliver excellence in metal cutting. boasting an impressive 8,000 watts capacity, allow us to tackle a wide spectrum of projects with finesse and accuracy. with laser bed sizes stretching up to 78.7” x 156”, we ensure no detail is too intricate, no design too complex.
Laser In-House

Tube cutting & bending

cuts & bends tubes up to 6” dia.
tubes & profiles up to 10” dia.
Unlock exceptional tube manipulation with our tube laser cutting and bending prowess. harnessing advanced technology, we effortlessly handle tubes up to 6” in iameter and profiles up to 10” in diameter, crafting intricate designs and flawless bends for your vision.


e-coat line & powder coating
With an extensive E-Coat Line spanning 28,000 gallons, a dynamic Paint Dip Powder coating System featuring Gas & Infrared Oven, and the precision of Robotic Painting Systems, we elevate your projects with impeccable finishes. From durability to aesthetics, our advanced coatings ensure your creations stand out, making a lasting impression in every aspect.
Coating Stations


MIG • TIG • Robotic Welding
We offer an array of welding techniques, including MIG, TIG, complemented by the finesse of Robotic welding. Boasting over 20 welding stations, we possess the capacity to undertake projects of varying scales with meticulous attention to detail.
Welding Stations

cnc machining

Milling • Turning
Whether it’s the production of customized parts or high-volume manufacturing, our CNC and milling facilities are dedicated to delivering the utmost precision and quality.
cnc machining

other services we offer

Machining • Assemblies • Kitting • Barcode & Labeling

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